Aspire is a software powered by Artificial Intelligence built to detect malarial retinopathy, a highly specific sign of cerebral malaria; through a low-cost, portable and user friendly system.

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The Big Picture

The Cerebral Malaria (CM) epidemic

  • Cerebral Malaria is a fatal infection that occurs in malarial cases.
  • 10+ Million children (<5 years old) in Africa infected with CM annually, resulting in over 100,000 deaths*

The epidemic

Malaria Heatmap

There is some areas affected by Malaria in Africa, fortunately some areas are Malaria free but we can find on the map displaying a big part where still a risk.

Malaria free areas
Malaria transmission areas
Areas where malaria has been largely eliminated

Facing a problem

Misdiagnosis & patient prioritization

The current standard of care for CM often misdiagnoses about 25% of children that are never treated for and die of other non-malarial diseases. Aspire offers a highly specific test to confirm CM diagnosis; which significantly reduces the rate of false-positives and number of deaths due to other untreated diseases.

ASPIRE is designed to address three major clinical challenges in Africa:
Offers fully automated AI-based system that can be operated by a minimally skilled user, thus addressing the unmet need of shortage of ophthalmic experts.
Provides a low-cost, portable system making it affordable and accessible to the affected population.
Can be augmented with multiple software modules to detect other prevalent eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, thus making it cost-effective.
Image analysis and machine learning are the automated solution to provide highly specific diagnosis to clinicians in less time and to asist in patient prioritization.
Capture + Process + Results
Normal Normal
Retina with CM Cerebral Malaria